Fairy Tattoo – any suggestions??

I’m thinking of getting a fairy on my hip, small and discreet. Just wondering if anyone knows any good sites or has some pics. I want to keep it simple, not slutty or evil looking, somthing i’ll like in 20 years time!!! I realli like neopets faeries, but i dont want a tattoo of a fairy of a 6 year olds site!!!! But that kind of thing.
I also like Molly Harrison’s fairies but would that be breaching copyright?? And i think they’d end up too cramped on my hip anyway.

Where can I find a design for fairy wings for a tattoo?

I am looking for wings to cover most of my back…..

fairy tattoo with daughters name on?

hi. i want a fairy tattoo with my daughters name (isabella) printed on it somewhere but i cannot find an appropriate one. any ideas of sites i can look on.
i want a black and white one with the drawn effect. quite a girly one. also, i dont know where to have it. any suggestions?
thanks pip

small fairy tattoo picture?

i’m looking for a picture of a small fairy tattoo that looks a bit like tinkerbell but isn’t actually the cartoon?

Roughly how much would i be looking at for this tattoo?


I wouldnt have it exactly the same, maybe a different colour, but i love that! I live in Manchester UK. :)
peachtart – unless you had researched into the artists background and checked their other photo’s you would see all the other ones they have drawn up.
I wouldnt get it the same, id have the moon blowing wind, and the fairy would be sat legs down. So dont assume.

im thinking of having a tattoo on my lower back. is this bad?

i like the sound of having an enchanted tattoo like mermaid, fairies, horoscope signs e.t.c and im trying to find pretty realistic images. if anyone could help i would be truly grateful.on the other hand… and not to sound too bigheaded… i love my body and my skin… so would i be destroying it by having a tattoo?

Would it be possible to get a really tiny fairy tattoo behind my ear@?

I want to get it done but not sure if it’s possible. Does anybody have this done or know anyone who has it??

Pictures would be very much appreciated.

I would like to get a fairy tattoo, any suggestions/ideas?

I’m thinking of getting it on the small of my back (basically because when I get old and wrinkly I won’t be able to see it!!) I don’t mind if it’s a nice looking fairy or an evil looking one! Not too big, but then again not too small! Has anyone any nice pictures of fairies they’ve seen? I’ve seen a good few, but none I’m crazy about
jemasal – I have stated why I want it on my back and I have reasons for not wanting it on my hip which are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Anyway, how do you know I’m not a tramp and want to be stamped as one huh? Sucky sucky 5 dolla baby xxxx

How do the tattoo artists get a tattoo from a peice of paper or computer onto your arm?

please don’t tell me the look at the phrase or picture and do it free hand?

What soap and disinfectants do tattoo artists use on clients?

I recently got a tattoo gun for beginners but don’t know what soap and disinfectants to use. Whats the best?
I recently got a tattoo gun for beginners but don’t know what soap and disinfectants to use. Whats the best? And what are their brand names?
what are their brand names

Does anyone know of any tattoo artists in the north of England that specialise in traditional tattoos?

Actually, any great artists in the UK that do western traditional/old school style would be great. I’m not having much look on google. Thanks in advance.

Budding tattoo artists, wanna prove you’re worth your salt?

I’m gonna get a Prison Break tattoo, based around 2 of those used in the show. I want something incorporating the deck of cards tattoo and the “Cute Poison” one. So i want to hold a competition for the best designed one. You can post a link to a picture of your “artists impression” in your answer, and the 10 points and my thanks goes to my favourite. Who knows, maybe i’ll like your design enough to have it put on me?! Good Luck and thanks for participating!

Best tattoo artists in London for realistic tattoos?

Does anyone know any good tattoo artists in London (or anywhere in the UK) that specialise in realistic and portrait tattoos?

I have searched through so many and I havent been impressed so far. Evil from the needle in Camden seems to be the best so far…

Does anybody know any traditional japanese style tattoo artists in the UK?

I am wanting in a few months to get a traditional japanese tattoo. Preferably done in tebori style. Does anybody know of any good tattoo artists located in England to do this? Or will I have to go to Japan? Any help is very much appreciated.
Thank you. :)

tattoo artists?????

where is the best artist in south of england? like hampshire, willing to go london or somewhere not too far if i can help it.

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